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Static Energy PTY Ltd trading as Crystal Geological



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CHARACTERISTICS: Kundalini activation, love and forgiveness,

spiritual protection


ATTRIBUTES: Stichtite connects one with the vibrations of love, forgiveness, and spiritual illumination. Stichtite provides protection from negativity. Stichtite is a stone of forgiveness, allowing one to see and experience both sides of emotional issues, facilitating understanding and compassion for ourselves, and for those who may have hurt us in the past. Stichtite’s vibrations help one experience the magical opportunity of a deeper Love that come with forgiveness. Stichtite may serve to soften our attitudes and create flexibility in our relationships. Stichtite helps one release stubbornness and to be open to the development of new and interesting relationships. Stichtite dispels shyness and hesitation. “Life is too short” is Stichtite crystal’s motto.

Stichtite is a stone of emotional and physical resilience, supporting a quick recovery from illness, trauma, disappointment, anger or depression. Stichtite allows one to see and experience life from a joyful, childlike awareness that is free from all expectations.

Stichtite reminds us that our highest guides and guardian angels are always spiritually supporting us. The comforting energetic vibrations of Stichtite eases feelings of loneliness, isolation, and separation.

HEALING: Stichtite may be helpful for the regeneration of neural pathways supporting those dealing with spinal injury, dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Stichtite supports healthy blood pressure levels. Stichtite may help alleviate tension headaches or muscular tension due to stress. Stichtite aids with digestion and may help prevent emotionally based food cravings and binge eating. Stichtite’s healing properties are also helpful for improving skin elasticity and stretch marks, hernia, teeth and gums.


Stichtite is an excellent stone for those who live their life in spiritual service, as it connects one with their Higher Self Aspect known as the “Magic Presence.”

Stichtite is an excellent stone to wear or carry as it helps one be more caring and eliminates negative self-talk.

Stichtite provides excellent energetic support for Indigo children who suffer from hyperactivity or similar spiritual diseases.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Stichtite stimulates the movement of kundalini energies, from the “sleeping” energies curled up at the base of the spine, up through the chakras to the crown of the head. Stichtite connects the heart and crown chakra with the vibrations of love, forgiveness, and spiritual illumination. Stichtite activates the third eye and crown and may stimulate visionary experiences.

For Gaia Healing, Stichtite may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. Stichtite is a useful stone for crystal healing grids, as it brings a calming peace to the environment. The energy of Stichtite combines well with MoldaviteAmethystSugiliteSerpentine, Gem Silica, and Morganite.



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